GB Food & Furniture

Happy Easter Melbourne!

A short respite from the demolition site – at the beach for the last 3 days of freedom before being all consumed by GB. A good opportunity to play with some bread products – the menu will be very focussed on restrained Italian and European style food. Simple pared back food with the very best produce from the very best suppliers. Excellent bread will be a major focus – playing here with toasting D. Chirico’s beautiful Fiscelle with various Proscuitto’s and cheeses. Wanting to achieve the best toastie in town. D. Chirico has a killer Olive bread too.


The menu is well into development. The kitchen at GB is very small and as a result the menu needs to be written around what can comfortably be achieved. Aiming for no more than 3-4 main ingredients in each dish, letting the produce do its thing. Vegetarians, be well pleased, we will have what you are looking for! We will also be curing various products in house, such as fresh Salmon and Trout: changing the curing ingredients as the Melbourne seasons change. Looking to start with a gin cured Salmon with juniper and dill creme fraiche, capers, lemon and rye toast. Delicious classic flavours.


Speaking of writing the menu around the kitchen, we really want to write the menu around Gruners butchers – is this not the finest ham in the land? I suspect it will be popping up somewhere on the menu. It is absolutely beautiful.


So happy to have engaged the lovely Andrew from Mr Mitchell. He has a great eye for the room and through the process of selecting furniture his vision of the room is becoming clearer. And we love it! Here’s the centrepiece table that will sit in the front window at GB surrounded by beautiful Tractor stools.


Volkerhaug pendant lights….yay!




One comment

  1. Love great bread and big fan of Mr Gruners smoked ham! I never have a Christmas in Melbourne without one. Making my mouth water with prosciutto and sourdough… Can’t wait! Now I’m thinking and a good smelly runny Talleggio. Heaven.

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