Getting closer…

GB opens one week today so lucky the lights and ceiling fans are going in and the furniture is starting to arrive….



And a little weekend toasting and testing of various breads, cheeses and proscuittos….more to come on this later in the week…..





  1. Hello Andrea,I’m Maria Rosa, Stefano’mum.
    Speaking from Bra, northern Italy.
    I’ve been following your progress. Looks good!
    Best wishes for the opening.
    I’m very proud of Stefano and Igor he will be a help to you.
    P.M. How’s Stefano’s English?

    • Hello Maria Rosa,
      Thanks for our good wishes – Stefano is wonderful and has been a delight to work with helping setup GB Espresso. His English is improving quickly and we are really look forward to him being a part of our team. It’s great to have an Italian working with us,
      Glad you are enjoying the blog,

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