Starting to look a lot like a cafe…..

Meet the lovely Stefano our good Italian Chef from near Turino (hello to Maria Rosa – Stef’s Mum who is following this blog)……Stef is learning English and we are looking so forward to having him here in the kitchen…

20130417-142838.jpgLighting looking fabulous……



Leather banquettes going in today – just getting rid of the last 10 years of crystallised sugar that had fallen down the back of the last ones….


Beautiful new timber chairs …..even better than in Andrew’s pics…


And the outdoor version…….waiting on the cute little yellow stools next…


Goody goody the Italian wine has started rolling in….




  1. So exciting to see it all taking shape. I’m in Berlin, not really liking it I must say. Shabby, dirty & rather unappealing building -site of a city. I’ll be rolling in to see your new café in July, be prepared. It really is sumptuous. Hugs-MM

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