Pyrenees honey and yellow bits and pieces….

On the countdown now 4 days left to pull GB together. Very grateful to all our great trades people for their extraordinary efforts – as a result it looks like we can actually open on schedule. PHEW!!

Fridges have tonight been switched on ready for all the first food deliveries tomorrow. Then the real fun starts.

Former biz partner and Priscilla Jones and Hot Honey Cafe Owner, the gorgeous Emma Binks dropped by this arvo with a tub of her poppa Billy Bink’s famous Pyrenees Honey. The honey is produced on their farm near Avoca. Bill tells us honey has been in short supply this year due to the very dry conditions, so we are grateful to have this first precious tub!


Much happiness upon opening the Zuster box full of yellow timber coat hooks. Cards and coffee cups have arrived today…..we are nearly there…..



One comment

  1. Loving the journey Andrea……..Looks amazing!
    Nige and l can’t wait to join the team for coffee and food offerings.


    Karon Hepner
    Manger National Training
    William Angliss Institute

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