Countdown….. 3 days to opening

And we are pretty ready!

The finals touches today….. Alan and Gary here putting in all their perfect cabinetry. Finally the cupboards are in.

Stefano has started work getting his kitchen all clean and ready.


The next few days will be spent finalising and testing the menu now there’s a kitchen (sort of) to work in. The lovely new slicer has been unpacked – ready for the big daddy of Proscuitto’s – our very own leg of San Danielle ……


The San Danielle and Biersteiger Salami formed part of an extremely healthy breakfast this morning, alongside the GB Toastie (confirmed as a definite YES for menu) with Andrew’s ham and Maffra Cheddar with our tomato relish.



The Synesso was pouring this morning but it appears we are outta beans – off to the market to buy a kilo now until our delivery on Monday so the staff will be kept in supply over the long weekend ahead.




  1. Glad to hear you have the San Danielle too (and the slicer). We get ours from Costco.

    Don’t forget that we are coming to Melba next week so should be able to call in for a coffee on Wednesday. Now what is the address ?

    S & D xx

    Publisher The Watermark Press 44-48 Farm Street Boorowa, 2586, Australia phone: 61 2 6385 1111 fax: 61 2 6385 1900 mob: 0408 810 724

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