The old and the new….

Chris, most favourite and fabulous chef from Wild has kindly agreed to come and setup the work flow for the GB kitchen and assist Stefano with the first few days. So great to have him here and see him again…

Just like old times… tomorrow the team start all testing and plating of food and making sure it’s all coming nicely together for the first week of trading…



And the Tassei Oak tables came up an absolute treat!





  1. WOW! Hopefully Age Epicure -Expresso knows about the opening…..

    Karon Hepner
    Manger National Training
    William Angliss Institute

  2. The menu sounds very good , especially in Italian.I am very keen to try the coffee.Are you going to open on Anzac Day?We have just been for a walk as it is such a lovely day weather wise.We saw Basil Kaladis who is very pleased that he has sold his Fish and Chip shop after three years and three days off.Ah the good old Hospitality industry eh!

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